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January 10, 1973 – August 25, 2020

Charles Thomas Findley passed away on Tuesday August 25, 2020 at 08:56 am. Charles was born in Red Lodge Mountain, Montana and resided in Patterson , LA and Lafourche Parish. Charles was survived by his wife Jamie Lirette Findley, mother Sharon Larson, and his oldest brother Garrett Findley. Survived by Charles Findley’s children Malachi Findley, Ty Findley, Jason Bledsoe, Gabe Findley, And Jaslyn Bledsoe. Wife of Garret Findley & Sister in law Mary Findley and son Ein Findley. Sister in law Courtney Hood, Ready Hood, and Deveraux Hood. Son Ty Findley, Daughter Joy Findley, and grandson Hunter Findley and granddaughter Jayla Pellegrin. Preceded in death by his brother Mike Findley Hood and nephew Cody Hood.

Charles Findley was a High School Graduate of 1992 from Patterson High School. After graduation he joined the United States Army to pursue a career in law enforcement. Charles began his law enforcement with St Mary Parish Sheriff’s Office and Patterson Police where he obtained his Department of Correction Certifications. In May 2008 he completed his Law Enforcement Louisiana Peace Officer Standards Training Academy Certification later becoming a Louisiana Post Law Enforcement Officer. Charles joined Golden Meadow Police Depart with being Promoted to Assistant Chief of Police under Command of the Chief of a Police Under Randy Chaisson. Charles Findley was an honest, ethical, and moral man serving his community with love in his heart. After his car accident he had to retire from a job he loved. Charles was a beautiful soul if you had the chance to know him he was a truthful man, kept his word, and would give you the shirt off his back.
Family’s Personal memorial comments as follow:

~~~~~JASON/ Dad loves spending time with family and fishing. When you do find Dad fishing you can bet your bottom dollar he will be taking the fish off🐟 his daughter’s pole🎣 because she claims they were ICK to touch them 😆. Dad loves to drive cars 🚘 that are fast. His dream was to one day own a corvette. (Not that mom would let him)

~~~~~MALACHI/ My dad was the best dad that I could have ever asked for or wanted. Dad has always called me Superman because of all the surgeries I’ve been through and when he called me that it made me feel so happy. I’ll miss him so and love ❤️ him.

~~~~~JASLYN/Dad has always taken care of me even though hard times. Dad never gave up on us. Dad and I were always together. We would go to stores, appointments, road trips, and even just stuck sitting at home. We ranted about everything to each other. He will always have a big place in my heart ❤️.

~~~~~MOM/ I LOVE YOU & Miss You

~~~~~GARRET/My baby brother was a great man & loving father. I love you and will miss you always.

~~~~~TY/My father was the best father any child could ask for. He was loved and will be missed dearly. He lived a full and happy life. He was a very loving and caring man who loved his children and grandchildren with all his heart. He loved fishing 🎣 or just being around his family.

~~~~~JOY/ Charles was amazing and loved holding his grandson Hunter and kissing on him. Charles even loved Jayla (my sister’s daughter)as his own granddaughter. He would have one in each arm. Charles loved the outdoors, spending time with his kids, and being at family events. Charles never missed family events. No matter how far he had to drive to get there. There was no vacation spot that we would not travel to. He considers Me his (daughter-in-law) as his own daughter and Jayla his grand baby).

~~~~~GABE/Dad was honest and caring, and a bit irritable at times. He spent so much time caring for his children. He understood that when mistakes happen he tried tirelessly to fix them which he wasn’t perfect. He was human and tried his best to better himself.

~~~~~Courtney/I will miss your laid back honest demeanor and honest opinions. You were always a great listener and shoulder to cry on if need be. You were a great story teller and I always loved hearing about your adventures. I am so great full for for the vacations and holidays our families had together. I so wish there could have been so many more. Your smile will never be forgotten and your memory will be cherished. ❤️

~~~~~JAMIE/my heart is broken, lost, hollow. Charles is my best friend, my soul mate, my everything. We finish each other’s thoughts in our heads which is scary sometimes and we would laugh and say get out of my head…Thank you for loving me, holding me, and keeping me sane. I smile you got to spend the rest of your life with me. Tell mike and Cody to behave in Heaven for us. I love ❤️ you and like I promised you I will take care of your mom like agreed.

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